We are the light within the darkness… A dim light, but light regardless…

On the world of Innistrad, horrors stalk in the shadows and scratch at the door in the night. Humanity is beset on all sides: vampires thirst for human blood, werewolves live for the thrill of the hunt, the restless spirits of the dead haunt the living, and no corpse is safe from reanimation at the hands of cruel necromancers or cunning scientists. Only their grim determination—and their staunch faith in the protection from their patron archangel, Avacyn—allows humans to survive in this nightmarish realm. For centuries, Avacyn and her hosts of angels have protected the beleaguered humans but now she has disappeared. How will humanity fare without their guardian angel?

What damnable luck you must’ve had being born into this miserable world. You were brave of heart though and took on the mantle of the Church of Avacyn. You wanted to make a difference in this bleak plane and now’s your chance. Lunarch Mikaeus, leader of the Church, has tasked a mixed group of Cathars to retrieve a magical artifact from deep within the heart of the vampire-infested realm known as Stensia. Gather your arms and armor Cathars, for your mission starts now!

The Curse of Innistrad